Recent Before & After Photos


In these images, you can see the difference before and after mold clean up. The first image shows the mold on the ceilings/walls. Our crews cleaned the mold rig... READ MORE

Look at these warped hardwoods

The first image shows the hardwood floors starting warp or buckle. We put down a floor drying system, was some other equipment, and was able to save these floor... READ MORE

Church Hallway in Mt. Pleasant, SC

These images are of a church, we recently had the pleasure of helping with water. The first image shows some water on the floors, as well as, our equipment in p... READ MORE

More Church Images

This is some more images of Seacoast church. This is the nursery area. We cleaned it up, dried it out, and put it “Like it never even happened.” The... READ MORE

Seacoast Church of Mt. Pleasant

We recently had the pleasure of helping one of our local churches, with a water loss and cleaning. In the first image you see the dirt, water and mess from befo... READ MORE

Keep it Dry

This is a home we dried out quickly to prevent mold growth. The key to keep mold away is drying out all wet areas. “Dry wet areas immediately. Mold c... READ MORE

Commercial Mold

We do commercial mold clean-up as well. These images are of a store, we did in downtown Charleston.The manager was pleased to have the store back to normal in n... READ MORE

Mold in cars

Since, it takes several steps to remediate mold in car; we are sharing these steps. The first image shows another step in this process. We have several carefull... READ MORE

Savannah Toyota

We recently had the pleasure of going to Savannah Toyota, to help with mold. In the first image, you see one of processes, we use to clean mold in a car. It tak... READ MORE

Hotel in Mt. Pleasant

Here is another room, in the hotel we dried out. The first image is of the room with, the television off the wall, the floors wet, and the room in shambles. We ... READ MORE